240 items
Call to Arms Pack
Drow Ranger
Crystal Maiden
Legion Commander
Smeevil Armsmaster
Assassin's Shadow
Relentless Zombie
Emissary of the Quorum
Marrowfell Brawler
Ogre Corpse Tosser
Incarnation of Selemene
Satyr Duelist
Hellbear Crippler
Ogre Conscript
Red Mist Pillager
Roseleaf Rejuvenator
Assured Destruction
Corrosive Mist
Bitter Enemies
Revtel Investments
Mist of Avernus
Altar of the Mad Moon
Howling Mind
The Omexe Arena
Glyph of Confusion
...And One For Me
Rolling Storm
Revtel Signet Ring
Fur-lined Mantle
Shiva's Guard
Stonehall Pike
Keenfolk Plate
Horn of the Alpha
Lodestone Demolition
Defend the Weak
Arm the Rebellion
Spot Weakness
Heroic Resolve
Murder Plot
Divine Intervention
Friendly Fire
Avernus' Blessing
Soul of Spring
Relentless Pursuit
Storm Spirit
Call to Arms - Starting Items