240 items
Call to Arms Pack
Outworld Devourer
Crystal Maiden
Legion Commander
Sister of the Veil
Tyler Estate Censor
Oglodi Vandal
Mercenary Exiles
Marrowfell Brawler
Ogre Corpse Tosser
Bronze Legionnaire
Ravenous Mass
Path of the Dreamer
Path of the Bold
The Tyler Estate
Homefield Advantage
Revtel Investments
Escape Route
Cheating Death
Assassin's Veil
Revtel Signet Ring
Barbed Mail
Rumusque Vestments
Vesture of the Tyrant
Ristul Emblem
Hero's Cape
Claszureme Hourglass
Shield of Aquila
Shiva's Guard
Lodestone Demolition
Smash Their Defenses!
Strafing Run
Enough Magic!
Stars Align
Rising Anger
Dimensional Portal
Remote Detonation
Divine Purpose
Tresdin's Standards
Relentless Pursuit
Steal Strength
Collateral Damage
Time of Triumph
Storm Spirit
Call to Arms - Starting Items