240 items
Outworld Devourer
Phantom Assassin
Rebel Decoy
Assassin's Shadow
Disciple of Nevermore
Relentless Zombie
Oglodi Vandal
Mercenary Exiles
Emissary of the Quorum
Thunderhide Alpha
Rampaging Hellbear
Cursed Satyr
Hellbear Crippler
Ogre Conscript
Assassin's Apprentice
Stonehall Elite
Satyr Magician
Troll Soothsayer
Unearthed Secrets
Path of the Bold
The Tyler Estate
Aghanim's Sanctum
Grand Melee
Messenger Rookery
Keenfolk Turret
Rolling Storm
Fur-lined Mantle
Vesture of the Tyrant
Seraphim Shield
Poaching Knife
Nyctasha's Guard
Arcane Censure
Sucker Punch
Dimensional Portal
Coordinated Assault
Fight Through the Pain
Arcane Assault
Remote Detonation
Caught Unprepared
Tower Barrage
The Cover of Night
Cunning Plan
Forward Charge
Whispers of Madness
At Any Cost
Storm Spirit
Event Ticket