240 items
Winter Wyvern
Drow Ranger
Outworld Devourer
Skywrath Mage
Relentless Zombie
Emissary of the Quorum
Bronze Legionnaire
Incarnation of Selemene
Ravenous Mass
Stonehall Elite
Champion of the Ancient
Satyr Magician
Troll Soothsayer
Path of the Dreamer
Homefield Advantage
Bitter Enemies
Iron Fog Goldmine
Selemene's Favor
Temple of War
Grand Melee
Messenger Rookery
Keenfolk Turret
Glyph of Confusion
Rolling Storm
Assassin's Veil
Phase Boots
Revtel Signet Ring
Obliterating Orb
Blade of the Vigil
Ring of Tarrasque
Cloak of Endless Carnage
Claszureme Hourglass
Shield of Aquila
Keenfolk Plate
Lodestone Demolition
Arcane Censure
Defensive Stance
Lost in Time
Arm the Rebellion
Dirty Deeds
Diabolic Revelation
Call the Reserves
Divine Intervention
Restoration Effort
Steal Strength
The Cover of Night
Cunning Plan
Forward Charge
Collateral Damage
Crippling Blow