Dota 2

39023 items
Ascendant Grimoire The Book Wyrm
Ascendant Thunder Ram
Auspicious Announcer: Pirate Captain
Auspicious Face of Delicacies of Butchery
Auspicious Meat Dragger
Auspicious Totem of the Forest Hermit
Autographed Ancient Bonds
Autographed Armor of the World Splitter
Autographed Atrophic Skitterwing
Autographed Blessings of the Solar Divine
Autographed Cudgel of the Baleful Reign
Autographed Guard of the Butcher's Wake
Autographed Rainmaker Rocket
Autographed The Coronation Mantle
Autographed Tribal Stone Horns
Autographed Trove Carafe 2019 Autographed by Egor 'JotM' Surkov
Corrupted Ancient Crasher
Corrupted Antiquity
Corrupted Banner of the Daemonfell Flame
Corrupted Emblazoned Arm of Delicacies of Butchery
Corrupted Shadow in the Deep Helm
Corrupted Sword of the Smoldering Sage
Corrupted Totem of the Earthwright
Cursed Pauldron of Teardrop Ice
Cursed The Boreal Watch Set
Eager Egg
Frozen Admiral's Stash
Genuine Chieftain Warhound of the Chaos Wastes
Guards of Heavenly Light
Head of the Icewrack Marauder
Heroic Helm of the Steppe
Heroic Sanguine Moon Armor
Heroic Seven-Sealed the Fur Bracer
Indonesia Game Show 2014 Dota 2 Tournament
Inscribed Amberlight Armlets
Inscribed Aperture Science Wardcore
Inscribed Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe
Inscribed Axe of the Proven
Inscribed Belt of the Vicious Plains
Inscribed Cog of the Mechanised Pilgrim
Inscribed Dagger of the Gelid Touch
Inscribed Direstone Pauldrons
Inscribed Enemies Silenced
Inscribed Furyblade - Off-Hand
Inscribed Hood of Lucid Torment
Inscribed Quiver of the Wintermoon
Inscribed Robe of Forbidden Knowledge
Inscribed Second Disciple's Blade
Inscribed Stingers of the Fatal Bloom
Inscribed Torn Guard of the Vandal
Iron Bear's Cutter
Lockless Luckvase Autographed by Vitalii v1lat Volochai
Mighty Horns of the Father
Omen's Embrace Loading Screen
Plate of the Stalwart Soul
Scepter of Shades - Off-Hand
Shade of Anguish
Spear of Ornate Cruelty
The Corruption of Nezzureem Loading Screen