Dota 2

37398 items
2014 Player Card: Vanskor
Ascendant Arsenal Forge
Ascendant Blade of Tears
Auspicious Armor from the Gloom
Auspicious Executioner's Trophies
Auspicious Pack of the Blood Stained Sands
Auspicious Stylish Wizard's Topnot
Autograph: Korok
Autographed Bottom Watcher
Autographed Brooch of Death's Bride
Autographed Dreaded Bravo's Scarf
Autographed Emberbark Shoulders
Autographed Familiar of Unblinking Eternity
Autographed Helm of the Guarded Word
Autographed Scepter of the Grand Magus
Autographed Visage of the Sleepless Sect
Balkan Championship Ticket
Caustic Steel Set
Claddish Voyager's Gloves
Corrupted Algid Falcon Pauldron
Corrupted Arms of the Monument of Ruin
Corrupted Belt of Harvest's Hound
Corrupted Death Mask of the Brave
Corrupted Deep Vault Guardian Armplates
Corrupted Diadem of the Elder Myth
Corrupted Dirk of the Wicked Succubus
Corrupted Heavenly Guardian Bracers
Corrupted Hook of the Scoundrel
Corrupted The Dragon's Soul
Corrupted Timberthaw Ripsaw
Cursed Cape of Thunderwrath's Calling
Cursed Moldering Mask of Ka
Elusive Destroyer
Epaulets of Hell's Ambassador
Frozen Blood Chaser
Frozen Robes of the First Light
Garb of the Frost Lord
Genuine Strike of the Light
Heroic Helm of the Dark Wraith
Inscribed Aether-Wings
Inscribed Armor of the Narrow Fates
Inscribed Axolotl
Inscribed Castor's Spaulder
Inscribed Complete Feathered Hat of the Corridan Maestro
Inscribed Covers of the Merqueen
Inscribed Grasping Bludgeon
Inscribed Jaw of the Scoundrel
Inscribed Stellar Jade
Inscribed Tail of the Chaos Chosen
Inscribed Toxic Siege Garb
Inscribed Viridus Spine
International 2017 Autograph: Dmitriy 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov
International 2017 Autograph: Du 78 Junnan
Level 7 Present
Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III
Onibi Upgrade Style 7
Player Card: dabeliuteef
Shards of Chronoptic Synthesis
The Gallows Understudy Set
Whip of the Emerald Sea