Dota 2

37660 items
2014 Player Card: ddz
Ascendant Elemental Ice Head
Ascendant Wings of Retribution
Autographed Blade of the Weeping Beast
Autographed Cowl of the Blood Stained Sands
Autographed Guard of the Drunken Warlord
Autographed Mount of the Wintermoon
Autographed Phoenix Helm of Prosperity
Autographed Seismic Berserker Club
Autographed Strap of Black Nihility
Autographed The Magus Cypher
Autographed Twin Serpent Bow
Blade of Odocoeleus
Bloom Bounty
Corrupted Baton of the Spiteful Eye
Corrupted Berserker's Belt
Corrupted Carapice of the Rancorous Nemesis
Corrupted Gatling Cannon of the Dragon Emperor
Corrupted Hair of the Grey Gallant
Corrupted Makeshift Sword of the Reaper
Corrupted Shoulder of the Seasoned Expeditionary
Corrupted Tassets of the Serakund Tyrant
Cursed Councilor's Raiment Set
Cursed Duangua of the Wandering Demon
Cursed Key to the Bone Ruins
Deep Observer
Forge of Iron Will
Frozen Headwraps of the Acolyte of Clasz
Frozen Helmet of The Iron Drakken
Frozen Stone Guard
Frozen The Hierophant's Protection Set
Gauntlets of the Weeping Beast
Genuine Dazolator
Genuine Traxex the Drow Ranger
Heroic Belt of the Forest Hermit
Heroic Berserker's Belt
Heroic Bite of the Slithereen Knight - Off-Hand
Heroic Face of Delicacies of Butchery
Horned Mother
Immortal Reward - Hellborn Grasp
Inscribed Crimson Mournful Reverie
Inscribed Epaulets of the Divine Anchor
Inscribed Eyes of the Abysm
Inscribed Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler
Inscribed Immortals Pride Bracers
Inscribed Pads of the Blood Covenant
Inscribed Right Arm of the Igneous Stone
Inscribed Scarf of the Roving Pathfinder
Inscribed Scepter of the Icebound Floret
Inscribed Scythe of Sacrifice
Inscribed Taunt: Victory Jig
Inscribed Tremor
Inscribed Wings of the Arctic Recluse
Inscribed Wrap of the Urushin Huntsman
Locks of the Eternal Seasons
Prison Shank
Shadow Wars - Season 1
Shoulders of the Dark Moon Stalker
The Stormcrow's Spirit Set
Voice of Flockheart's Gamble