Dota 2

38814 items
Arms of the Splintering Awe
Ascendant Braid of Fiery Curls
Ascendant Greathelm of the Chiseled Guard
Ascendant Reaper of the Deep
Auspicious Armor of Twisted Wisdom
Auspicious Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary
Auspicious Moldering Mask of Ka
Auspicious Red Mist Reaper's Scythe
Autographed Armor of Eternal Fire
Autographed Battletrap Armor
Autographed Blade of Prismatic Grace
Autographed Blood Shard
Autographed Bracers of Dirgesworn Dynasty
Autographed Firestarter Fuel Cannister
Autographed Oblivion Headmaster Wand
Autographed Rider's Eclipse Shield
Autographed Scales of the Iceborn Trinity
Autographed Trident of the Sea Stalker
Autographed Trove Carafe 2017 Autographed by Quinn 'CC&C' Callahan
Blade of the Burning Scale
Cape of the Stonemarch Sovereign
Corrupted Acolyte of Vengeance Offhand
Corrupted Decorative Armor of the Bone Scryer
Corrupted Goatee of the Gelid Touch
Corrupted Head of the Odobenus One
Corrupted Mantle of the Blueheart Sovereign
Corrupted Sinorian Sphere Staff
Corrupted Vigilante Fox
Cursed Blade of the Silent Guardian
Cursed Immemorial Emperor's Scythe
Fireflight Scion
Genuine Nothlic Burden of the Crimson Witness
Genuine Pin: Phoenix
Genuine Waaagh Hatchets of Big 'Un
Heroic Arc of the Solar Divine
Heroic Wights from the Gloom
Heroic Wings of Obelis Staff
Hitbox Obutto Dota2 Championship
Hunter of Kings Loading Screen
Inscribed Armor of the Haunted Lord
Inscribed Complete Bracers of the Manticore
Inscribed Helm of the Nimble Edge
Inscribed Helm of the Weathered Storm
Inscribed Mask of the Third Insight
Inscribed Nether Lord's Scepter
Inscribed Sash of the Third Insight
Inscribed Scrolls of the Artif Convert
Inscribed Wise Cap of the First Light
Inscribed Writhe of the Gruesome Embrace
Level 109 Present
Mask of Fury
Mortar Forge Rocket Cannon
Old Helmet of the Bogatyr
Pangolin Shoulder Armor
Plague Baron
Rainmaker Loading Screen
The Iron Pioneer Armor
Tsunami Blade
UnderCastleLeague Season 1