Dota 2

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Ascendant Fishy Frillhawk
Auspicious Cape of Eternal Reign
Auspicious Hood of the Demonic Vessel
Auspicious Long Blade of Distant Sands
Auspicious Red Talon Guard
Auspicious Vambraces of the Battle Caster
Autograph: 'LaNm' Zhang Zhicheng
Autograph: 'MoZuN' Goh Choo Jian
Autographed Alpine Stalker's Pants
Autographed Broken Tusk of the Barrier Rogue
Autographed Cannon of the Jolly Reaver
Autographed Cocktail of the Marauding Pyro
Autographed Gaiters of the Shadowcat
Autographed Gloves of the Brine Lords
Autographed Head of Ambry
Autographed Headband of the Frostborne Wayfarer
Autographed Hood of Endless Intellect
Autographed Mask of the Dashing Swordsman
Autographed Merciless Greevil
Autographed Necropolis
Autographed Qaldin Assassin's Dagger
Autographed Snowstorm Hood
Autographed Style of the Fervent Conscript
Autographed Wraithbinder
Bracers of the Four Corners
Corrupted Bow of the Hunt Eternal
Corrupted Bracers of the Truebark Adherent
Corrupted Cuirass of the Eldwurm Crest
Corrupted Headdress of the Arkturan Talon
Corrupted Spear of the Golden Mane
Corrupted Trail of the Dragon's Disciple
Cursed Cape of Verdant Dreaming
Cursed Wolfhound Rifle
Genuine Imbued Golden Trove Carafe 2017
Genuine Imbued Trove Carafe 2017
Heroic Furyblade - Off-Hand
Heroic Mask of the Mad Harvester
Heroic Trident of the Sea Stalker
Inscribed Back of the Frostshard Ascendant
Inscribed Bessy the Batmeleon
Inscribed Flowersong Beauty
Inscribed Spinal Slicer
Inscribed Umbra Rider
League UAP Season 1
Level 29 Present
Mentor of the High Plains Loading Screen
Quaswexort Championship Series 2015 - The 4th
Rage of the Three
Red General's Soul Splitter
Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari
Shoulders of Cadenza Magic Master
Sinister Lightning
Stygian Maw
Swooping Elder Loading Screen
Symbol of the King Restored
Whisk of the Highborn
Winds of Conquest Pauldrons
Wyrm Helm of Uldorak