Refund policy

Now you can get money back

Refund requests must be submitted to HEXA.ONE within three months from the date payment was received by HEXA.ONE and prior to the examination window, as set forth below.

In order to submit a refund request, you must contact us by email and provide follwing information:

  • Your Steam ID
  • Date the payment was made
  • Payment amount
  • Payment method

HEXA.ONE will only honor refund requests that come directly from the applicant, regardless of whether payment was made by a third party. Requests from said third parties will not be honored.

Refunds will be issued under these circumstances:

  • Your payment is not older than 7 (seven) days and you provided all requred data
  • Your current account balance is equal or more than refund requested amount at time refund request was made

Payment processor fees are nonrefundable.