Day of Infamy

49 items
1. Fallschirmjager-Division
1. Infanterie-Division
101st Airborne Division
12th Frontier Force Regiment
15th Panzergrenadier Division
17th Panzer Division
1st Infantry Division
1st Panzer Division
1st Ranger Battalion
2/17th Battalion
272nd Volksgrenadier Division
28th Infantry Division
29th Infantry Division
29th Panzergrenadier Division
2nd Ranger Battalion
3. Fallschirmjager Division
352. Infanterie-Division
3rd Infantry Division
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
761st 'Black Panthers' Tank Battalion
82nd Airborne, 505th PIR
92nd Infantry Division
American Entrenchment Tool
Axis Entrenchment Tool
Brass Knuckles
Commonwealth Entrenchment Tool
Early Access Purchaser
Enfield Deadeye Medal
Enfield Veteran Medal
Fairbairn Sykes Knife
G43 Deadeye Medal
G43 Veteran Medal
Garand Deadeye Medal
Garand Veteran Medal
Gordon Highlanders
Gravity Knife
Grenadier Guards
K98 Deadeye Medal
K98 Veteran Medal
No. 2 Commando
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
Royal Fusiliers
Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
Springfield Deadeye Medal
Springfield Veteran Medal
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada
The Black Watch