Primal Carnage: Extinction

923 items in database
Golden Oviraptor
Blue Autumn Ptera (Stat Track)
Blue Ivy Striped Novaraptor
Carrion Ptera (Stat Track)
Chrome Flamesaw
Community Crate #1 Key
Community Crate #2 Key
Cowboy Hat
Dino Crate #2
Frost Cryo
Gold Ivy Striped Novaraptor (Stat Track)
Green Dilo (Stat Track)
Halloween Community Crate #1
Halloween Community Crate #1 Key
Human Crate #1
Legendary Brimstone Feathered Raptor
Legendary Oil Spill Acro
Legendary Overgrown Oviraptor
Legendary Rasta Beanie
Legendary Troianas Tyrannosaurus
Lichen Dilo
Lime Rex (Stat Track)
Oozing Dilo
Rare Amoure Spino
Rare Carnotaurus Holiday Ear Muffs
Rare Dante Spino
Rare Frozen Lake Tupa
Rare Pyro Raise the Roof Taunt
Rare Santa Pyro Pack
Rare Scarab Oil Novaraptor
Rare Spitter Cleaning Taunt
Rare Spray: Primal FEAR
Rare Tyrant Santa Hat
Rare Withered Cryo
Red-Headed Cryo (Stat Track)
Scientist Requisition Order
Solar Acro (Stat Track)
Storm Acro
Turkey Oviraptor
Uncommon Arctic Camo Shotgun
Uncommon Arctic Novaraptor
Uncommon Candy Cane Desert Eagle
Uncommon Carno Head Toss Taunt
Uncommon Charred Amber Tupa
Uncommon Corrupted Dilo (Stat Track)
Uncommon Desert Camo Netgun
Uncommon Emerald Cryo
Uncommon Freckled Novaraptor
Uncommon Frosted Desert Eagle
Uncommon Gilded Oviraptor
Uncommon Human Crate #1
Uncommon Lavender Cryo
Uncommon Old Bones Carno
Uncommon Pathogen Netgun
Uncommon Roulade Rex
Uncommon Safari Hat
Uncommon Spino of Christmas Future
Uncommon Spray: Primal TEARS
Uncommon Tundra Acro