Call to Arms

182 items in database
1000 XP (rare)
135% XP (uncommon)
2000 XP (epic)
50 XP (common)
500 XP (rare)
6 Smilie Packs (rare)
Background Circle (epic)
Background Crystal (rare)
Background Diamonds (epic)
Background Ellipse (common)
Background GRM (epic)
Background Piece of Pie (common)
Background Pointer Left (uncommon)
Background Pointer Right (epic)
Background REB (epic)
Background RUS (epic)
Background Rectangle (common)
Background Semicircle Top (common)
Background Star (rare)
Background UAF (epic)
Background USA (epic)
Badge Ammunition (common)
Badge Burning Bullet (common)
Badge Dragon Head (rare)
Badge GER (epic)
Badge GRM (epic)
Badge Gryphon (rare)
Badge Hydra (epic)
Badge Missile (common)
Badge Nuclear Explosion (rare)
Badge Pegasus (epic)
Badge RUS (epic)
Badge Roaring Lion (uncommon)
Badge Roaring Tiger (uncommon)
Badge Saber Toothed Tiger (epic)
Badge Spartan Helmet (epic)
Badge Stag's Skull (rare)
Badge UAF (epic)
Big Supply Box (epic)
Big Supply Box - Locked (rare)
Cash Bundle
Color Gold (epic)
Color Goldenrod (epic)
Color Khaki (uncommon)
Color Lime Green (epic)
Color Pack (epic)
Color Peru (rare)
Emoticon :) (common)
Emoticon :D (common)
Emoticon :O (rare)
Emoticon :P (common)
Emoticon ;) (common)
Gaming-Aid Coin
Small Supply Box (rare)
Smilie Pack (epic)
Squad Logo Pack (common)
Squad Logo Pack (epic)
Squad Logo Pack (uncommon)
Supply Bag (common)