Call to Arms
100 XP (uncommon)
1000 XP (rare)
105% XP (common)
110% XP (common)
115% XP (uncommon)
125% XP (uncommon)
135% XP (uncommon)
150 XP (uncommon)
150% XP (rare)
175% XP (rare)
200 XP (uncommon)
200% XP (rare)
2000 XP (epic)
25 XP (common)
250% XP (epic)
2500 XP (epic)
300% XP (epic)
50 XP (common)
500 XP (rare)
6 Smilie Packs (rare)
750 XP (rare)
Background Arrow Up (uncommon)
Background Blood (rare)
Background Bloody Hand (rare)
Background Circle (epic)
Background Crescent (uncommon)
Background Cross (common)
Background Crystal (rare)
Background Curvlinear Triangle (uncommon)
Background Diamonds (epic)
Background Ellipse (common)
Background Emblem (rare)
Background Flower (epic)
Background GER (epic)
Background GRM (epic)
Background Hexagon (common)
Background Kite (common)
Background Marker Top Right (rare)
Background Marker Up (epic)
Background Marker Up (uncommon)
Background Octagon (epic)
Background Oval (uncommon)
Background Pentagon (common)
Background Pie Angled (epic)
Background Piece of Pie (common)
Background Pointer Down (uncommon)
Background Pointer Left (uncommon)
Background Pointer Right (epic)
Background Pointer Up (rare)
Background Quatrefoil (uncommon)
Background REB (epic)
Background RUS (epic)
Background Rectangle (common)
Background Rectangle (epic)
Background Rhombus (common)
Background Semicircle Top (common)
Background Sharp Drop (uncommon)
Background Shield (rare)
Background Spark (rare)
Background Square (epic)
Background Star (rare)
Background Tag (rare)
Background Trapezium (common)
Background Triangle Upward (epic)
Background UAF (epic)
Background USA (epic)
Background X (uncommon)
Badge Ammunition (common)
Badge Atomic Bomb (rare)
Badge Burning Bullet (common)
Badge Chimera (epic)
Badge Claws (uncommon)
Badge Cobra (uncommon)
Badge Crocodile (uncommon)
Badge Cthulhu (epic)
Badge Dragon Head (rare)
Badge Dynamite (common)
Badge Eye of Tiger (uncommon)
Badge Flying Eagle (uncommon)
Badge GER (epic)